Having a Baby or had a Baby? 

If so, Baby MassageBaby Massage or Baby Movement Classes are for you…

If you’re having a baby, or have just had a baby, I offer a range of baby courses to help you learn how to deepen your connection with your baby.

Baby massage courses for 5 weeks to 5 months:

    • The massage courses are best suited for pre-crawling babies between the ages of approx 5 weeks to approx 5 months.
    • The caregiver, who will be performing the massage strokes, can be the infant’s mother, father, grandparent, foster carer or other primary person in their lives.
    • The courses are open to everybody, including same-sex couples and families of multi cultural backgrounds.
    • Infant Baby mMassage is highly recommended for babies with special needs – physical, developmental or intellectual disabilities, vision or hearing impaired, recovering from hospital stay.
    • The supportive nature of the group and the method of instruction is ideal for mothers who are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and anxious about their new role and responsibilities, helping to establish routines and confidence.

If you would like to register your interest for my next baby massage course, please enter your details in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Baby Dance and /Movement courses for 5 months to 12 months:

I offer baby dance and movement classes for infants that are a little older.

      • The dance/movement courses are suitable for infants between approx 5 months to walking (approx 12 months)
      • Primary caregivers such as mothers, fathers, foster parents are welcome; as are same sex parents and people of diverse cultures.
      • The gentle, nurturing and supportive environment of a dance/movement group is ideal for mothers who are experiencing anxiety or post-natal blues while trying to get a grip on their new role and responsibility. The classes offer an opportunity in a hectic day to be present, to tune in and to slow down.

Private sessions

I am available for private sessions for both Dance/Movement and Infant Massage. I work with one or both parents and your baby.

Do you want to have a healthy baby through baby massage or infant dance movement

If you answered yes, here’s what you need to do:

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