Baby Massage FAQs

My baby has Colic. Can baby massage help?

Yes. Babies often cry from the discomfort of painful gas that is trapped inside their digestive track. Sometimes a baby’s gastrointestinal systems is immature at birth and the digestion may need prompting to begin functioning the way it should.

Baby massage can provide just the right type of stimulation to relieve this pain. Through reading your baby’s signals, repetition of the routine and helping your baby to relax through touch you can relieve your baby of his discomfort.

What if I have to feed or change my baby in the middle of a session?

You are encouraged to take care of your baby whatever his needs are before, during and after the session. There is plenty of time for revision within each session and the following week.

What if my baby is asleep during the session?

I want you to get the most out of the class, even if your baby is asleep. For this reason, you can practice on an infant doll provided by me or you can watch and resume participation when your baby wakes up.

What happens if I miss a class?

We always review the information and massage strokes from the previous week. You can also get personal instruction on whatever you missed or feel unsure about. Please note your financial commitment is for the entire course and there is no refund for single classes missed within a course.

Can my husband come along as well?

Yes. I encourage fathers to come along and learn the strokes as well. It is preferable that only one parent massage the baby at a time, so taking turns each week to be the primary masseur would be advisable. This is a great way for you both to be involved in the healthy development of your baby and to improve the parent-infant bond.

When is the best time to massage my baby?

Each baby is unique and individual. You will learn to recognise the best time of the day to massage your baby by reading his behavioural cues.

Baby Movement FAQ’s

Do I need previous dance experience to attend an infant movement course?

No. The baby movement course is not a dance class where you must learn a dance routine. We all move all day long in daily life. The sessions provide the opportunity to build on those everyday movements so that you feel confident moving with your baby.

How physical are the baby movement sessions?

During the session there is active time followed by more restful activities. At any time you feel you need a rest, you are welcome to move to the side and watch until you are ready to join in again. You and your baby work at the pace that works for you.

My baby won’t sit still. Will I be able to handle the activities?

There is time given to fast-paced movement as well as slower, more calming movement experiences. The babies usually respond accordingly. The music that accompanies the movement helps in setting the mood. However, we delight in babies who are curious and exploratory!

What if I miss a baby movement class?

Your financial commitment is for the whole course. For this reason, there are no refunds and no opportunity to ‘make-up’ a missed class. I encourage you to attend all the classes within a course so you can get the most learning out of the program.

Should I bring my baby along if he is sick?

I ask that you as the parent make the decision whether your baby is fit to attend a class. Your baby may not enjoy the class and may put others at risk if he is miserable, contagious or quite unwell. If he is at the end of a period of sickness and is no longer contagious, he may enjoy the interaction and distraction of the movement session.

Would you like to feel more connected, develop a deep bond and have fun with your baby?

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